The Filthy Skanks
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The Filthy Skanks are a hard rock / metal / punk rock band with corporate offices in Dallas, TX. The band themselves hail from Parts Unknown which is home to many mysterious masked wrestlers such as Dr. X and The Assassin. The band, who have been credited by some with inventing rock and roll in the 1920’s, have been mainly active since the year 2000. , The band members are as follows: “Mr. Showbiz” Johnny T (guitar / vocals) , “Intergalactic Warrior” Justin Hell (bass) , “Punishment Distribution Manager” Miss Pain (drums) , , The bands musical influences would include acts such as Twisted Sister, Misfits, Zeke, Kiss, Ramones, New York Dolls and such. Also the band has somewhat of a pro wrestling flair in their attire and in some of their lyrics. This is no surprise since the band currently holds the “Intergalactic Six-Person Tag Team Championship” and has defended that title for years at wrestling arenas around the universe. , The Filthy Skanks have become known for mixing loud, fast rock and roll, comedy, showmanship and general weirdness into their live show. They have shared a stage with such notables as: Misfits, Ratt, Deviates, D.R.I., Sworn Enemy, Supagroup, Toilet Boys and more. , The Filthy Skanks have appeared on the cover of music magazines “Harder Beat” and “Rock City News”. They have released seven albums to date, with all music available for free from their website

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